‘Gems of Wisdom’ 📿 Not Just a Necklace . . .


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Calming ‘Gems of Wisdom’ hand-crafted Sautoir set including pendant, earrings and bracelet.
Made with natural Amethyst stones, crystals and premium-quality findings.

The Amethyst embodies calmness and stillness, bringing peace of mind and clarity where there is confusion.
Amethyst stones enhance intuition and fluid thought processes.
They provide protection from negativity, stress and anxiety while promoting strength and freedom from bad habits.
The Amethyst is popular as a stone which supports wellness.

  • The length of the Sautoir is 89 cm and the weight is 51 gm.
  • The Pendant length 9 cm and the weight is 9 gm. It can be easily detached from the Sautoir.
  • The length of the bracelet is 19.5 – 21 cm and the weight is 21 gm.
  • The earrings weigh 2.5 gm each.

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Weight 86 g
Dimensions 89 cm


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